5G & Wireless technology is the future of business & mobile communications

The fast speeds and improved bandwidth available on 5G networks, means you can connect multiple devices at once and getting your customers setup has never been easier.

5G network rollout is well underway across Australia and more and more customers are able to access 5G in their area. As the 5G network in Australia grows and matures, it will be faster, more responsive and have higher capacity than we've seen with previous network technologies.
Faster speeds & lower latency

5G connects devices reliably, without lag. 5G has the potential to decrease the time it takes for connected devices to communicate with each other across the network.

Increased capacity

5G is capable of keeping more people connected online at the same time. With 5G your customers experience current average download speeds of 214Mbps on our 5G Internet.

How do I get connected ?

Get in touch with us to review your location. Once we know your address, we can let you know if 5G and wireless internet options are are available to you and right for your business.